"Tide pools contain mysterious worlds, where all the beauty of the sea is subtly suggested and portrayed in miniature."

- Rachel Carson

Wanderers, swimmers, crawlers; snatchers, suckers, scrapers; hitchhikers, hangers-on, and hiders-tide pools support an amazing diversity of plants and animals.

From the Arctic to Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic coast and from Alaska to Mexico on the Pacific, North America is home to countless tide pools. This land-sea habitat is sustained and nourished by clean air and pure ocean waters.

If we are willing to solve the threats of coastal development and ocean pollution that endanger tide-poolcommunities, this narrow ribbon of wilderness might remain undisturbed for generations to come.

The hind end of a crustacean, containing the digestive and reproductive organs.
Something that hides an animal by changing how it looks
A hard, protective outer shell
An animal that eats other animals
An aquatic animal with a hard outer shell and a three-part body - head, thorax, and abdomen (shrimp, crab, lobster, and barnacle)
A spiny-skinned animal (starfish and sea urchin)
A moveable column with an eye at the tip
A type of mollusk, usually - but not always - with a distinct head and a spiral shell
An organ that produces a liquid
An animal with no backbone
A soft-bodied invertebrate, usually enclosed in a hard shell
Regrowing lost or destroyed parts of the body
A tube through which an animal sucks in or pushes out water
A flexible limb that sticks out near an animal's head, usually used to feel
The middle section of the body of a crustacean, located between the head and the abdomen

"Hairy Doris

Hello, my name is Doris. I'm a shell-less gastropod, but you can call me "sea slug," if gastropod sounds odd."

(a taste of Hairy Doris in Ocean Soup)

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